Embodied Flow Workshop Tara Judelle

Freitag, 27. bis Sonntag, 29. Mai 2016

ANANYA Embodied Flow Workshop Tara Judelle

Embodied Flow Workshop Tara Judelle

The Malas – Untying The Knots That Bind

In this weekend workshop we will work to move through standard asanas from an inner body perspective to explore the three main centers of awareness: the moving center, the heart center and the awareness center. When these gateways to consciousness become blocked, our operational awareness becomes less than its fullest potential. We will connect the physical body to the emotionally intelligent, feeling sense of loving presence, in order to be able to unblock creativity, love and action. All sessions will include, lecture, movement, and partner work.

Friday 17:30 – 20:00: Gravity & Space
The experience and awareness within asana practice open infinitely into moving from a sense of ease and support. Using tools of embodied anatomy to wake up the feeling sense of our body structure, this class will focus on the organs, glands and bones to create fluidity and ease in form. Playing with shapes of traditional asana and adding cues from the inner body to facilitate ease, we will begin to meet inner landmarks for establishing the center.

Saturday morning 10:00 – 12:30: Karma Mala – Waking up the Moving Center.
Karma Mala is the block that covers our power, steadfastness, and sense of
connection to the earth. Through asana and the work of embodied anatomy, we
will feel into the intelligence of organs, and how to move from an inner sense of support created in the bones, and the organ body.

Saturday afternoon 14:30 – 17:00: Anava Mala – Waking up the Heart Center.
Anava Mala is the block that covers our connection to the Universal, love, and feeling of support created by the loving presence that is our true nature. By using movement, embodied anatomy and partner work we will work to remember the sweet support of the heart and the lungs – the architecture of our center for loving communication and compassion.

Sunday 10:00 – 12:30: Mayiya Mala – Waking up the Awareness Center.
In this final class we will work to familiarize and connect ourselves to the higher centers of awareness, and the glands of the crown, relating our vision and clear seeing of the highest self. The workshop will build on the first three, and work to attune to the central channel for down-pouring of information related to movement.

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50 Euro je Workshop für FrühzahlerInnen mit Zahlungseingang bis spätestens 26. April 2016

Package – alle 4 Workshops:
200 Euro für das gesamte Package
180 Euro für FrühzahlerInnen mit Zahlungseingang bis spätestens 26. April 2016

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About Tara Judelle

For over 27 years Tara has experimented with all forms of movement flow, from dance to Tai Chi, to movement improvisation and ultimately yoga. An English degree from Barnard College, post-graduate studies in theatre directing and a foray into film writing and directing brought her finally to the study of yoga and meditation. Certified in the Anusara™ method, Tara has taught yoga extensively, both nationally and internationally, for 13 years. She has been inspired by the Body Mind Centering® works of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and has studied and taught with Carlos Pomeda and Sally Kempton. In 2010 Tara moved from her home base in Los Angeles to direct a yoga program and retreat center in Bali, Indonesia. Since the close of 2011, she has had no fixed base, leading to her current schedule facilitating workshops, retreats and teacher trainings worldwide.

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