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The Bowspring Experience
Masterclass with John Friend and Desi Springer

June, 1st 2018 17:00 – 20:00

This is a 3-hour full Bowspring experience for any open-minded yoga teacher, curious seeker, student of mind-body health, and anyone wishing to experience 0-gravity while moving in day-to-day life. Desi Springer and John Friend, the developers of the Bowspring method, will skillfully guide any level of student to experience a radiant heart, the opening of their wings, the rooting and rising of lightness and agile power. The Bowspring is a dynamic alignment that provides optimal functional movement like primal animal fluidity and grace. Anyone can learn the basic double-S Curve alignment and the dynamic pulsing movements with the flow of the breath in this special 3-hour class. The Bowspring practice helps rebalance old postural habits and take your mind-body practice to unexplored places.


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Biographical Sketches Desi Springer & John Friend

Desi Springer

Desi Springer is the innovator of the Bowspring method, a cutting-edge postural system. Desi often refers to the Bowspring practice as movement medicine for radiant health and a technology for awakening. She teaches her Bowspring method to a global community with John Friend. Over the last 4 years, Desi has taught 120 Bowspring seminars in 9 countries as well as weekly classes at her Vital studio. She is regularly found on Tennyson Street in Denver, Colorado at one of her two Vital businesses – Vital – Center for Mind-Body Health, and Vital Root, popular vegetarian restaurant specializing in SLO–Fast food (Sustainable, Local, Organic food). Through her focus on cultivating accountability, mindfulness, and compassion, Desi devotes her life to increasing her self-awareness, knowledge, and capacity to serve to increase harmony, happiness and health on a global level.

John Friend 

John Friend has taught yoga for 38 years, presenting more than 800 yoga seminars in over 30 countries to tens of thousands of students. He created Anusara yoga in 1997, which has become one of the leading modern postural yoga systems in the world. After a personal wake-up call in 2012, John began studying the new alignment ideas of Desi Springer, which were in contradiction to his Anusara alignment principles. Over the next year John realized that the standard model of biomechanical alignment which he had practiced and taught for many years was based on some invalid assumptions including that the skeleton is the weight-bearing compressive structure that holds up the body. Supported by the emerging science in the field of fascia and its role in optimal posture and functional movement, John and Desi co-created the Bowspring method in 2013 to help people around the world take their health to a new level using a wavy, balanced, dynamic posture in their daily life. John loves to share his many years of studies of philosophy, physics and mind-body health with independent-thinking students. Currently, John lives in Denver, Colorado and teaches Bowspring method trainings with Desi Springer worldwide.

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