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Anusara Yoga Ezgi Fisher

Anusara Yoga Ezgi Fisher

October 12 – 14, 2018

Anusara Yoga Workshop and NEELAKANTHA Meditation Initiation

Anusara Yoga Workshop – “Your Unique Dance of Life”

In this weekend workshop, Ezgi will guide you via various dimensions of yoga – Asana, Philosophy, Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama and Meditation. We will bring awareness to different layers of our existence: physical body, breath, mind, heart, wisdom, and deeper into our core essence. We will go through our unique dance of life, embracing all aspects of Shiva’s dance of creation, five divine acts: Dissolution, Creation, Sustenance, Concealment, Revelation.

In the physical dimension, we will explore foundational building blocks for our health and highly focus on the backbody and posterior chain muscles to develop strength and awareness. First day we will learn to build foundational awareness and strength to create opening for a healthy physical body and beyond. Then we will celebrate with a playful practice on the second day, and culminate our discovery with a sweet nectarful ending.

Be prepared to dive deep into various layers of who you are through this weekend journey initiating your fullest potential as you expand your edges through a powerful yet accessible multidimensional practice. You will fall in love with your inner wisdom guiding you to a strengthening and yet opening and delightful experience tapping into the divinity of your existence.


All the sessions will have a specific mantra, mudra and pranayama setting with a Hindu-Tantra philosophical theme open for satsang.

Friday: 18:30-20:30 – “Welcome your Unique Dance of Life”

A sweet and deep grounding evening practice for the start of our weekend journey; through a gentle flow of standing poses, hip openers and grounding poses ending with meditation.

Saturday: 10:00-12:30 – “Fire of Dissolution”

Foundation – Dissolve unhealthy patterns and build new foundation for daily health
Fire/Agni practice: Standing poses, backbody strengtheners, core, backbends, basic arm balances, heart openers.

Saturday: 14:00-16:30 – “Nectar of Dissolution”

Open to a New Beginning
Nectar/Soma practice: A juicy flow of hip openers, twists, side bends, forward folds, seated postures, inversions, pranayama, meditation.

Sunday: 10:00-13:00 –  “Fire of Creation and Sustenance”

Embrace Your Innate Power and the Nectar of Your Being
Fire/Agni practice with a nectarful ending, Agni&Soma: Playful fire practice, Arm balances, deeper backbends, playful fun transitions, followed by a sweet nectarful ending with hip openers, seated postures, meditation – culminating everything you have discovered in this weekend’s journey to guide you daily.


A Foundation for a Lifetime of Deep Meditation Practice
A Formal Initiation with Ezgi Fisher

Neelakantha Meditation is the practice of deep meditation that works to bring about transformation, healing, and benevolence in your life. It is a daily meditation practice that is governed by the principle of effortlessness, which is easy to learn and practice and is accessible to everyone.

  • Transform and grow in the direct experience of your own deepest reality and live everything that you are meant to live.
  • Journey into the deeper spaces of consciousness to more fully access freedom, creativity, ease, clarity, and riches of life itself.
  • Easy to learn and practice, and is governed by the principle of effortlessness.
  • A beautiful and elegant practice which does not involve concentration, controlling the mind, or other forms of effortful manipulation of awareness.
  • It is not necessary to have any particular beliefs, previous study or background in order to learn and practice with great benefit.

Neelakantha Meditation allows you to establish a direct connection to your own deepest reality and reconnect with your innate nature of freedom, creativity, clarity, bliss and everything wonderful in life.

This course is the beginning of a lifetime of practice. You will learn the practice itself and the specific context and foundational principles underlying the practice, which is rooted in SvaTantra – the Tantric teachings of the ultimate freedom of Consciousness.

The 18-Month Course Includes (online):

• Welcome audio message
• Two-day course of formal personalized

Initiation into Neelakantha Meditation • Ongoing Live Meditation Practice

• Original translations of Tantric texts
• Online Wisdom Library
• Auditing Day 2 of Initiation events at no cost • Special Audio Satsangs
• Additional Supporting Practices and


• Invitations to attend Meditation Retreats and to receive Advanced Initiations

Schedule of the Course:

Fri October 12, 2018 10.00 am – about an hour of instruction, followed by about 50 Minutes per person of formal individual instruction.
Sun October 13, 2018 14.30 am – about 3 hours of further explanation about how this practice works.

Ezgi Fisher

Ezgi Fisher is internationally recognized Certified Anusara® Yoga Teacher, Experienced Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT500®), Certified AcroYoga® teacher and the founder of Stambha Yoga School (RYS®). As a dedicated yogini, Ezgi loves sharing her life knowledge and experience through teaching. She has many years of teaching experience in various countries, particularly in the US and Europe. She has done most of her trainings in various fields in the US. Her expertise lies in bringing her extensive yoga training, therapeutic training, acrobatics and Hindu-Tantra philosophical studies harmoniously together into her yoga teachings. Sharing her light, she devotedly leads 200-hour and +300-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings in Zurich and various places in Switzerland, and travels internationally teaching workshops and retreats. More info:

Ezgi Fisher is an authorized teacher of Neelakantha Meditation, as taught in Blue Throat Yoga. More Information about the Meditation and the Founder of Blue Throat Yoga Paul Mueller-Ortega:

Workshop Fees Anusara Yoga Ezgi Fisher

55 Euro / Workshop

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190 Euro for all Workshops

NEELAKANTHA Meditation Initiation Course:

450 Euro – 1 place available, please contact us +43 1 909 47 81


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