Advanced Thai Yoga massage course with Itzhak Helman & Pau Castellsague

The course is full, you can register for the waitinglist

August 15th – August 18th, 2020 in Vienna

please notice we changed the dates from July to August


Deepen your touch!



Thai Yoga Massage course with Itzhak Helman

The Advanced Thai Yoga massage course is suitable for anyone who already has experiences in this form of bodywork. We will go deeper, take a closer look at the energy lines and anatomy and learn advanced Osteo-Thai techniques. You should already have done a Foundation course.

With techniques from the Osteo-Thai we will focus on the lower back.
We will address the hamstrings, psoas, piriformis, tensor facia latta, quadratus lumborum and more…
1. Principles of traditional Thai massage and Osteopathy (harmonic techniques)
2. Inivitation to shavasana
3. Static and dynamic energy lines
4. Sitting position
5. Neck and face

As usual we will include Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and of course lots of Thai Yoga Massage.

The facilitator

Itzhak is an advanced practitioner and very experienced teacher for Thai Yoga massage. Thai Yoga Massage is his great passion and he constantly educates himself and teaches techniques from osteopathy, fascia work and other healing methods.

Itzhak was born in 1970 in Israel. In 1992 he visited India and Thailand where he started to be interested in knowing more about Eastern Philosophy including the practice of Yoga and meditation.
After a long journey in India, Thailand and Japan, Itzhak returned to Israel where he found himself working as a carer in an institute for adults with special needs.
In 1997 he met Asokananda, who is well known as the founder of the Thai Yoga massage school the Sun Shine Network in Thailand. The meeting with Asokananda encouraged Itzhak to study further with him and in the same year he participated as his student in one of his Thai yoga massage courses held in Chiangmai, Thailand.

From 1999 Itzhak was authorized by Asokananda to teach Thai yoga massage on a regular basis at the Sunshine network in Chiangmai Thailand. Since then Itzhak has taught more than 250 courses, both for beginners and advanced practitioners.

These days Itzhak is teaching Thai Yoga Massage around the world including places like: India, Thailand, Mexico, Spain, Costa Rica, Sweden, Germany, England, Greece, Switzerland and Israel.

About Pau…
I started my spiritual journey in 2005 with a family trip to India that became eye-opening. Soon later I quit my job as a sports commentator and jumped on a second flight to India… and the journey began. Together with my sister Mireia and my brother Wari we launched the Omshanti Yoga Studio (2006) and, later on, the Barcelona Yoga Conference (2011). The path has been blessed with lessons and many inspiring friends. My first Yoga teacher from the mountains (Soma), he opened the doors. The AcroYoga founders Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein… with them, we went on a worldwide misión to make everybody FLY and Connect. Thai Massage was like a homey feeling from the start (2007) and at the end of the day, the one practice that stole my heart :)
I have been blessed with amazing Thai Massage teachers, each of them with unique qualities. The calmness of Hironori Ikeda, the dedication and determination of Laurino Bertelli, the purity and endurance of Dayalu, the brilliance of the OsteoThai founders David Lutt & Arno L’Hermitte, the humbleness and strong roots of Itzhak Helman, the unseen world revealed by Kaline Alayna-Kelly, and the Sangha spirit, generosity and joy from KrishnaTakis and Kerys at the Sunshine House in Evia, Greece.

At the moment, I am engaged in a 5-year Osteopathy program at SICO (Switzerland), and it’s blowing my mind.
And one last thing… I LOVE to sing to Krishna :)

Daily Rhythm at Thai Yoga Massage course with Itzhak

07.00am – 08:30am:  Meditation & Yoga
08:30am – 09:30am:  Hearty Breakfast
09:30am – 12:30pm:  Thai Massage session 1
12:30pm – 02:30pm:  Lunch & Siesta
02:30pm – 05.30pm: Thai Massage session 2

We start on Saturday August 15th at 7 am.

Directly before this course, an Foundation Thai Massage course will start on August 7. So you have the excellent opportunity to deepen your experience. More information here.



The course is open for already experienced Thai Yoga massage practitioners. That means you’ve at least completed one foundation course.

Space is limited!! Registration necessary!!

Price:  € 350,- (incl. Meditation, Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage in theory and practice and a great manual)

Upon completion of the course students will receive a certificate of attendance from the International Society of Thai Yoga Massage  – the Sunshine Network.

To get an impression about the course, see Itzhaks website.

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